As I explore the role of the family and the individual’s purpose and place, I use line, shape, and color to distort and highlight the interpretations in the visual elements. I use animal silhouettes, bright colors and various objects as symbols causing the viewer to engage in dialogue between the composition and purpose of the figures. The visibility of hands and eyes in my art serve as a strong storytelling factor, guiding the viewer through the image –directionally as well as symbolically. My color choices are usually based on my own personal real life possessions, artistic inspirations and nature. It is my hope to connect the elements of line, color and shape to assist in the humor and or drama unfolding in the narrative.

Erin Cross lives in Norfolk, Virginia where she teaches drawing and design. Her work has been exhibited at the K. Carracio Printing Studio in New York City, Vespine Gallery in Chicago, Courtland Museum of Art, Courtland, VA, and Graphic Communications Gallery at the National Library in Tallinn, Estonia. Publications include Studio Visit Magazine, First Cut: Communication for Members of The Guild of American Papercutters and Discoveries Magazine (cover art).

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  1. Erin also happens to be a Black Belt in traditional karate and a two time National Champion (USA Karate & AAU). An artist and a martial artist!

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