in a bizarre exploration…..

So in a new curious development……..

I was watching tcm (turner classic movies) and saw this great pre-code movie, Gold Diggers of 1933. This was Berkley first film after the success he found with the movie 42nd street. I loved this musical. Its a musical with a “Great Depression”  theme. The first production number of “We’re In the Money” was a clear sign of the times and how money had become such a problem for Americans during the 1930’s. Berkeley was a huge fan of Roosevelt and this number is his attempt to help us cope the the hard times in a similar way to what Roosevelt was doing with “The New Deal”. Other classic Berkeley production numbers included in this film are “The Shadow Waltz” and “I’ve Got to Sing a Torch Song”. The last number “My forgotten Man” is real powerful production number. 

I think this is my favorite Berkeley film.


"we're in the money"
"we're in the money"

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