Visual Communications Class: Unity and Variety Lesson

My Visual Communications Class studied Unity and Variety this week. Their assignment was create a visually unified image while incorporating variety somewhere within the design. They focused on papercutting for this project -cutting one or more design from folded paper, resulting in a “double” or repeated (mirror image). After they half cut out the design, the student opened up the folded piece of paper, cutting back into one side of the paper cut, breaking up the twin image.

Here two student projects:

The unity is that the mask is almost symmetrical in design. The student creates variety by going back into the mask and creating different cut out shapes along the edges (ex. triangles on the left and squares on the right) She also purposely left out the triangle mark on the edge of the grin to further express the visual variety.


In the next one, the student cut out her papercut in the folded method, creating a tree with branches and roots on both sides of the tree trunk. Then the student opened up the cut design, removing the leaves on one side creating variety in the composition

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