Nova Scotia travels Recap (multi-years)

three summers from 2016-2019.

bare feet
warmed red wine in disposable coffee cup
very human noises trumpet from room 67
a large shirtless tanned man yells
something in quebecois
while smoking
his cigar 
cool breezes In between night and morning
changing sky to my left
a subtle rainbow blend of light and color
stars and darkness to my right
fire light bursts
daybreak’s purgatory
I feel the silence under my ribs
an aching pressure moving me forward 
lapping shore and salty air
licking lips
slurping fresh briny flavor
the water wraps around my body
i lay back
i float
momentary weightlessness
i worship the heat of the sun
basking in its presence
piously suffering to feel its reward
sizzling skin, browning

high saturation against bright pastel
rays of bright light seep through the clouds
reaching tree tops
hard lined geometric earth
i hear music
i am lost in the nowhere lands of reality and fantasy

During low tide, I went out far across the beach onto one of the temporarily exposed mounds of earth. The sun was hot, but wonderfully so. There were remnants of campers in that area, long gone. I took off my dress and sunbathed, my head resting on a piece of driftwood. I was laying on my stomach and felt the heat against my back. I turned over and the soft gravely pebbles stayed, embedded in my skin, leaving impressions when unstuck. It was so peaceful and wonderful. A hawk coasted above me. I drifted in and out of a nap, keenly aware of the incoming tide.

Selected Artwork Created During these trips and the 2018 residency:

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