Erin Cross received her MFA in Visual Studies. She is currently Executive Director of Rall Gallery where she focuses on kinesthetic/object based learning and Assistant Professor of Studio Art at Doane University. She resides in Lincoln, Nebraska.

My “Art History Chat” series is an ever growing video series focusing on artwork in the Doane University Permanent Art Collection. The series can be viewed:


UPCOMING :: Visiting Artist February 2022

Lauren Woods, Auburn, Alabama

Lauren Woods art focuses on the visual development of a personal mythology. Influenced by the visual language of allegorical figure paintings of Western art history, she composes her paintings with artifice to create a delusive vision of whimsical romance. Through a veneer of lightheartedness, the paintings become a theatrical space to examine deeper notions of gender, sentimentality, desire, beauty, and artistic power. 

Student Juried Exhibition December/January 2021

Student Curator Collection Exhibition: November 2021

This year’s student curator, Studio Arts Major, Emma Ryan has thoughtfully chosen artwork that reflects a theme to celebrate community and bounty with the still life subject of food. In addition to curating a collection show, she has organized community engagement through a food drive and is serving as the gallery’s November liaison for its Saturday Drop in and Draw session.


Faculty Show: What’s Left: Will Truran October 2021

What’s Left: A Graphics Based Exploration Covering Isolation, Loss & Skulls

The fear of death and the distraction of humor are paired together to connect the viewer with designs encouraging us to pause and ask the question: WHAT’S LEFT?

Collection Exhibition September 2021

In Position: Figural Works from the Rall Gallery Permanent Art Collection

In Position is a show that represents the human body experiencing personal realities through the frozen imagery of fragmented action or in between moments of movement. Often creating narratives through the use of situational composition, the artwork welcomes the viewer into the stolen moments of everyday happenings, conflicts and revelries.


Student and Community Engagement:

Drop In Drawing Sessions: September 11 and 25, 2021

Tableaux Vivant Masterclass: September 24

Virtual Exhibition Summer Exhibition 2021

Travelogue: Places and Spaces from the Rall Gallery Permanent Collection

Collection at Doane University, is a curated collection show. The exhibition visual story that starts in a small room interior bursting with contemplative efforts and ends in the vast expanse of the open ocean and blazing sun. It is the gallery’s hope that this exhibition will prove a reprieve from everyday stresses and allow for the brief luxury of escapism.


Summer Exhibition 2020

Value’s Value: The Element of Value Explored and Considered Curated Drawings and Prints from the Doane University Art Collection

Value conveys the potential to stir the viewer into connecting emotive qualities with more forceful energy than any other element of design. Formalistically, value is the graduation of light to dark over a form. Described through its ability to create transitional illusions (exaggerated or subtle), the value-based technique requires intentionality.

Summer Exhibition 2019

The Regionalist Triumvirate:
Selected Lithographs by Grant Wood, John Steuart Curry and Thomas Hart Benton from the Doane Art Collection


Visiting Artist: October Exhibition 2019

Heather Bryant, Norfolk VA


Workshop Images and Artist Talk:

Exhibition Images:

Summer Exhibition 2018

Primary is a curated selection of artwork from Doane University’s art collection. With the primary colors being the focus, these paintings, drawings and prints are anything but basic.

An understanding of basic color theory is not exclusive to the artist and/or designer. We all make decisions based on color, one way or another, everyday. Although the study of color can be quite complex, everyone can benefit from an understanding of basic color essentials.