Composition 2, Sewn and Pinned Found Rope, 26″x24″x4″, 2018
Composition 3, reclaimed sewn top, salt water rusted metal and cyanotypes, 28″x36″x4.5″ 2018



Composition 4, Mixed Media Drawing on cyanotypes, salvaged fishing rope and memo pins, 14″x27.5″ 2018
Composition 5, Cyanotypes, Reclaimed rope, quartz from NS, model tree foliage, wood, 2018
Composition 6, Gesso, Chipboard, Salvaged Rope, Model Tree Folage, Wood, Quartz, 15″x20″2″, 2018
Knots 1, sewn knotted found rope, 9.5″x7″x4.5″, 2018