Absent, Oil on Canvas, 30″x40″ 2021
Summer Daydreams, Oil on Canvas, 30×40 2020
When Time Comes to Awaken, Oil and Graphite on Canvas, 24″x30″ 2020
Out of Season, Oil on Canvas, 4’x5′ 2020
In Absentia, 24″x30″ Oil on Canvas, 2019
The Hard Pruning Season, Oil on Canvas, 30″x40″ 2016
Ellipsis, Oil on Board, 16″x20″ 2019
Quietus, Oil and Acrylic Paint Marker on Canvas, 22″x30″ 2016
Modern Praireland Narrative, 24”x20”, Oil on Board, 2019
Lunchtime, Oil on MDF board, 24″x20″ 2019
No Exit, Oil on Board, 24″x20″ 2019
Bike Rack, 10″x8″ Oil on canvas, 2019
Afternoon Interior, 10″x8″ Oil on Canvas, 2019

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