1-2 (Final Project Examples for 2D Design)

1.These examples from the same assignment are incredibly different. The topic of research was unique to the student’s interests. This allowed students the opportunity to develop their own platform. Students wrote a response paper to the designs explaining their chosen topic, attributes and also verbally presented the project in front of the class during final critique. The final critique session allowed other students to engage with the designer by commenting and/or asking questions about the design and topic. 18×24

2. 2D Design Final/Film Studies Major 2017 Element of Design: Value / Principles of Design: Rhythm FilmMaker of Influence: Germain Dulac, Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Music: from AudioNetwork.com Rendered in Adobe After Effects

3. 2D and 3D Design -Design Process: Deconstruction of an Object

Student was asked to deconstruct an object into its small parts and then reconstruct the parts into a new form. Throughout the creative process, the student must discuss the creative problem solving of thinking, looking and doing.

4. 2D Design -Understanding the Principle of Unity and Variety

Student was asked to create a collage showcasing contrasting imagery into a highly unified composition. 11×14

5. 2D Design -Value Portrait Collage

Using cut paper that has been painted with various values (referencing value scale) Student creates a collage portrait. 11×14

6. 2D Design -Emphasis against line, shape, focal point and value, Color Aid Paper, 9″x9″

7. 2D and 3D Design -Ephemeral Art

The students assembled found natural objects into an arrangement emphasizing one or more of the five elements of art and focusing on the principle of rhythm and decide upon the best view of their artwork to be photographed.

8. 3D Design -Assemblage

Obstruction, Metal Lantern, Plastic dinosaurs, pill bottles, cardboard letters, paint, clay whale, papers, ceramic cup, metal wiring, 7.5″x18.5″x7.7 (14″ with door open)

9. 3D Design -Cardboard Dome Construction -Group Assignment

10. 3D Design Paper Helmets

11. Drawing 1 -Line and the Hand -Group Assignment

12. Off Campus Community Impact

While this may not be a traditional “student example” it is an important one to highlight. Every year my painting students volunteer time and energy to painting the store front windows on Main St to prepare for the City’s pumpkin festival. It not only gets students to think about painting differently but provides an opportunity for students to serve the community with their talents/skills in a relevant way.

13. On Campus Community Impact

2D design is a course open to non majors as part of the liberal arts requirement. . This student not only composed a “poster” about equality but also submitted it to the Annual DOANE IS LOVE event. Their design became the advertisement for the week’s celebrations and activities.

Left: Doane is Love Week Advertisement, March 2020

Right: All is Love, Acrylic on poster board, 18×24, 2020

14. Color -Monochromatic Palette Video

Red, 02:59, Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Rendered in Adobe After Effects

15. Student Collaboration -Stop Animation

Artwork, Story and Voice -Erin Cross, Instructor

Story, Voice, Animation, Direction, and Rendering -Laura Tarpley, Animation Student

01:33, Stop Animation, Aspect Ratio 16:9, Rendered in After Effects and Premiere

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