Sample Painting Portfolio: Erin Malia Cross Traditional and Expanded Methods

Oil Painting:

Selected Paintings from the Series: Waiting on the Shape of Things, 2016-2021

1. Art Foundation, Oil on Canvas, 30″x40″ 2019

2. Out of Season, Oil on Canvas, 4’x5′ 2020

3. Afternoon Light, Oil on Canvas, 30″x40″ 2021

4. Summer Daydreams, Oil on Canvas, 30″x40″ 2020

5. Ellipsis, Oil on Board, 16″x20″ 2019

6. When Time Comes to Awaken, Oil and Graphite on Canvas, 24″x30″ 2020

7. Obstruction, Oil and Charcoal on Board, 20″x24″ 2021

8. Fleeting Glimpse, Oil on Board, 30″x24″ 2021

Expanded Painting and Constructions:

From the Series (in progress): “Everything and Nothing” reflecting on my travels in France 2022-

9. Picnic, pine shadowbox, ink, graphite, acrylic paint, coptic stitch bound book, vintage hankie, thread and plastic beads and fruit, 11″x14″x2″, 2022

10. Kiss Kiss, suminigashi marbled vintage hankies and paper, watercolor, hand constructed portfolio, graphite, sewing, approx. 14″x14″x3″ (open), 2022

11. Repaired, Reconstructed antique porcelain bowl, glass box, epoxy glue, 12″x12″x 5″, 2022

From the series: TIDE AND LAND (ebb and flow) MARK MAKING MEMORIES . reflecting on my travels in the Maritime, 2018-2019

12. Landscape Memoriam’s Oscillating Reflections, Masonite, Flocked Modeling Paper, Model Trees, Vintage Velvet, Reclaimed Driftwood from Nova Scotia, Dimension Variable, 2018

13. Vestige, Installation foam, driftwood, plastic tree armatures, fine turf, gesso, foliage, landscape paper, 20″x24″x6″ 2019

Works on Paper:

14. Learning Lessons, Watercolor and Gouache, 19X22, 2020

15. Ruth, Watercolor and Gouache, 19X22, 2020

16. Juice, Watercolor and Gouache, 10″x15″ 2021

17. Delicate Balance, Watercolor and Gouache, 10″x14″ 2020

18. Sun Greeting, Watercolor and Gouache, 10″x14″ 2020

19. Rosy Smile, Watercolor and Gouache, 10″x14″ 2021

20. Envisage, Mixed Media on RIVES BFK, 30″x22″ 2017

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