Student Portfolio -Drawing and 2D Design


  1. Topic of Interest Poster Design (Final Project)

These three examples are incredibly different but I kept the topic of research very broad to allow students the opportunity to develop their own platform. Students wrote a response paper to the designs explaining their chosen topic, attributes and also verbally presented the project in front of the class during final critique. The final critique session allowed other students to engage with the designer by commenting and/or asking questions about the design and topic. 18×24

2. Design Process: Deconstruction of an Object

Student was asked to deconstruct an object into its small parts and then reconstruct the parts into a new form. Throughout the creative process, the student must discuss the creative problem solving of thinking, looking and doing.

3. Understanding the Principle of Unity and Variety

Student was asked to create a collage showcasing contrasting imagery into a highly unified composition. 11×14

4. A Value Portrait Collage

Using cut paper that has been painted with various values (referencing value scale) Student creates a collage portrait. 11×14

5. Emphasis against line, shape, focal point and value, Color Aid Paper, 9″x9″


6. Element of Line (left: sketchbook direct observation right: in class assignment direct observation, graphite and pen, 18×24)

7. Element of Shape (left: in class assignment -Figure Ground Relationship, Direct Observation Still Life, Charcoal, 18″x24 right: Shape and Surrealism Project)

8. Element of Value (left: erasure technique direct observation, Charcoal, RIVES BFK 11×14. right:Still Life, Charcoal, RIVES BFK, 28″x22″

9. Perspective

(Left: Direct Observation, 18×24. Right: Imaginary Perspective World, 18×24)

10. Final: Fractured Self Portrait (three examples shown to showcase the various approaches students take)


11. Understanding Composition through Object Studies

12. Color (Direct Observation, Color Harmony Composition) Colored Pencil on Strathmore Paper, 12×18

13. Color: Vanitas (Color Application on Color Paper) Colored Pencil on Canson, 19.5″x25″

14. Landscape (left: cloud studies, chalk pastel. right: Landscape Assignment, chalk pastel)

15. Narrative Compositions (left: gouache on Rives BFK, 20×16″. right: charcoal and pastel on Strathmore pastel paper20″x16″)

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