Student Works Sample Portfolio

I have included a mix and drawing and painting examples focusing on the importance of understanding and mastering essential skills in direct observation and technique methods.

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1A. left: student drawing in front of still life 1B.right: Colored pencil on Red Canson paper, 22″x19″
4A.left: metals study on toned paper 4B.Right: Value and Form, Direct Observation, on toned paper18″x12″
11. Landscape, Pastel on Canson Paper, 24″x19″
12.Exquisite Corpse, Group Assignment


15A.left: study of transparent vessel 15B.right: still life painting, direct observation, oil on canvas, 16″x20
19.left: pastel study for painting right: Senior focus painting (portraits in light), oil on canvas, 20″x24″
20. non square format, Oil on masonite, approx, 60″x40″

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