Student Works Sample Portfolio

I have included a mix and drawing and painting examples focusing on the importance of understanding and mastering essential skills in direct observation and technique methods.

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1A. left: student drawing in front of still life 1B.right: Colored pencil on Red Canson paper, 22″x19″
4A.left: metals study on toned paper 4B.Right: Value and Form, Direct Observation, on toned paper18″x12″
5.Perpspective, Direct Observation, Graphite on Paper, 18″x24″
6. Fractured Portrait, Ink and Graphite, 18″x24″


7A. Example of Timed Figure Class Session, (session completed during quarantine-remote learning using
7B. Gesture Warm Up Example of Timed Figure Class Session

8. Quick time and Long Pose Project, completed over multiple sessions to create history through layering, Charcoal on RIVES BFK, 28″x22″
9.Timed Gesture Session, Direction Observation, Charcoal on Newspring, 24″x19″
10. Clothed Figure Study, Charcoal, 18″x24″
11. A Synthesize Composition, Charcoal and Graphite, 19×24
(The purpose is to synthesize elements from life drawing with graphic elements for purpose of design )
12. Exquisite Corpse, Group Assignment


13A.left: study of transparent vessel 13B.right: still life painting, direct observation, oil on canvas, 16″x20
14.Form and Color/Direct Observational, Oil on Canvas, 16×20
15. self portrait, oil on canvas, 16″x20″
16. Narrative Compositional Assignment, Oil on Plywood, 30″x40″
17. Non Square Format. Oil on Masonite, approx. 30″x40″

18. Narrative Composition, Oil on Canvas, 22×28

19. Narrative, Oil on Canvas, 30×40
20. Narrative Compositional Focus Assignment, Oil on Canvas, 24″x 20″

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