Portfolio Sample

Painting and Printmaking Sample

To Website: https://erinmcross.com

Invisible Presence, Etching, 10″x8″ 2020
Summer Daydreams, Oil on Canvas, 30×40 2020
Absent, Oil on Canvas, 30″x40″ 2021
The Meeting, Etching, Drypoint and Aquatint, Cyanotype and Collage, 14″x11″, 2019
Images Used: 30 5’x7′ cyanotype prints
Process: Prints were photographed sequentially using an Iphone. Images and Sound file was uploaded and rendered in Adobe Aftereffects. Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Learning Lessons (with detail), 18″x22″, watercolor and gouache on Arches, 2020
Intention (with detail), Watercolor and Gouache on Arches, 19″x22″ 2020
Sun Greeting (with detail), 10″x15″ watercolor on Arches, 2020
A Delicate Balance (with detail), Watercolor and Gouache, 10″x15″ 2020
Blind to the Hungry, print collage, 12″x18″ 2015
Bad Dream, print collage, 12″x18″ 2015
Feed, linocut and woodcut prints collage/mixed media stop animation, 00:18
Process: Cut sections from various linocut and woodcut prints were photographed sequentially using a digital camera. Images were uploaded and rendered in Adobe Premiere. (copyright free music) Aspect ratio 16:9
Someone Anyone Something Anything, Mixed Media book (print proofs, drawing and collage), approx. 7×9, Copic Stitch Binding
Notebook, Sewn Chain Binding, approx. 5x7x3
Revelaed: A Storybook Bible for Grown Ups, Ed. Ned Bustard, Square Halo Books: Baltimore, 2015. (4 linocut illustrations included)

Painting and Printmaking Sample -Student Work

left: study of transparent vessel right: still life painting, direct observation, oil on canvas, 16″x20
Figure Narrative (Untitled), Oil on Gesso Board, 20″x24″
Self Portrait, Reductive Relief on MDF board 12″x18″
left:Boots, drypoint on RIVES, 6×8 right Boots, drypoint and monprint on RIVES, 6×8
Still Life/ Shadows and Reflection Assignment, Acrylic on Canvas Board, 16″x20″
Form and Color/Direct Observational, Oil on Canvas, 16×20
Virus, Aluminum Plate Lithography, 14×18
Untitled, Screenprint, 16×20
Narrative Figure (Untitled) Oil on Canvas, 20×30
Self Portrait, Oil on Canvas, 16×20
Pop vs. Rock, Letterpress and Linocut on Cardstock, 22×30
Examples of Student Sketch (Process) in Pastel and Painting (Finished Product)
Narrative Compositional Focus Assignment, Oil on Canvas, 24″x 20″
Class Project: Exquisite Corpse, Image Sections: Drypoint, 5″x5″ Cover: Linocut/Woodcut, 20″x25″
Students created 10 prints for 10 books. Students bound their set of prints using Japanese Stab Binding techniques. The theme, Nature, was chosen by the group as a whole.

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